the gate isnt too far away, and you cant hear whatever was moving, so you decide to walk down the path and leave.\n\nas you reach your hand out to grab the latch something lurches at you, snatching at your hair. with a gasp of shock you stagger backwards.\n\nits human...or at least it //was// human. its body is covered in pulsing blisters and pustules and great rotten holes had opened in its torso. it didnt really have a face, most of the flesh had rotted off leaving a toothy, bloody mouth and eye sockets. there was blood soaked fabric hanging off its frame, the remnants of its humanity.\n\nresisting the urge to vomit you stumble away, one hand clapped over your mouth. it reeks of death and blood and disease...and its blocking your path to the gate.\n\n*[[fight it]]\n*[[run past it]]
you walk down the stairs carefully, listening to them creak ominously beneath your feet.\n\nsuddenly you fall.\n\nthe wooden stairs break and splinter, sending you down a few feet into a cold dark room. you hear loud growls surrounding you. they sound like dogs.\n\nbut as the creatures leap in and attack you realize they arent dogs, or at least not //normal// dogs. their flesh is rotted and rank, their teeth stained with blood. the pack begins to rip you limb from limb and feasts on your entrails.\n\nthankfully you pass out from blood loss before they rip your guts out.\n\n''YOU ARE DEAD''
you are alone in a room.\n\nyou cant remember your name.\n\nthe room is very dark.\n\nahead of you appears to be the outline of a door.\n\nyour arms feel damp and sticky and sore.\n\nwhat do you do?\n\n*[[inspect arms]]\n*[[investigate room]] \n*[[check door]]
with shaking hands you manage to unlock the gate. you stumble outside, terribly afraid you could mutate into one of those...THINGS.\n\nas you keep walking you find yourself next to a road. a paved road, with several cars zooming by. armored trucks and people in strange yellow suits and gas masks are standing around. one notices you and, with an excited little jump, runs towards you with a medical kit in their hands.\n\n"are you alive?" they shout, too excited at the thought of finding another living being. "do you understand me?"\n\nshocked, you slowly nod. the person opens the med kit and pulls out a large spring loaded syringe and stabs it into your upper arm. instantly your cuts seem to heal a little.\n\n"its amazing at least one person survived that..." they mutter, leading you to the nearest armored truck and helping you inside. another person wraps you in a thick, warm blanket.\n\nit reminds you of home...wherever that is.\n\nTHE END
holding your breath you slowly open the door. youre outside! the sun is beginning to set beyond some mountains. you appear to be in a garden, flowers of all different colors swaying in the wind. a cobblestone path leads off to an iron gate.\n\nas you take a step onto the path you hear a branch snap ahead of you. you whip your head up, your feeling of relief quickly ebbing away to be replaced by doubt. you cant see anything moving in the bushes ahead, yet...\n\n*[[continue to the gate]]\n*[[find another way]]
constantly glancing back at the paper in your hand, you press the buttons in the correct sequence. the row of lights on the front light up, illuminating the room slightly. a metallic voice murmurs, "//welcome back. blood sample required for further access into the facility.//"\n\ntimidly, your arm shaking, you wipe your wrist against the pad. nothing happens. maybe dried blood didnt work...or maybe the machine didnt work at all.\n\nwith watery eyes, your heart beating in your chest, you look down at the long red cuts along your arms.\n\n*[[pick scabs]]
you wander around the room again, wondering what you mightve missed.\n\nwait.\n\nyou rush over to the wastebin and reach into it, your hand scrabbling around like a spider. your fingers brush against something papery - aha! heres the label!\n\n*[[check door|check door 2]]
thinking for a few minutes you decide to continue down the hall. maybe if you cant find a way out you can backtrack to the-\n\n''CRASH!!!''\n\nthe ceiling caves in right behind you! theres no turning back now...unless you can find another way back around...\n\n*[[keep going]]
you decide this walking corpse isnt worth the energy trying to fight it so you dash past...and trip on a loose cobblestone. you go ass over teakettle to the ground, brusing your nose even more.\n\nthe creature moans and shambles toward you. trying to ignore the throbbing in your face you scrabble on your hands and knees, dribbling blood everywhere. some of the drops arent your own blood.\n\nwith despair opening in your stomach you brace yourself for the creatures attack. despite it being brittle and rotten the monsters teeth easily cleave through your tender neck. your blood spills out like a crimson river and you black out.\n\n''YOU ARE DEAD''
you lean in to get a better look at the pad and an acrid smell enters your nostril. it smells like...blood. old, rotten blood. thats what the dark splatters were, apparently. you step back a few inches, still looking the pad over despite the smell.\n\nmaybe its some sort of lock...?\n\n*[[push the buttons]]\n*[[investigate room]]
from tracing your hand around the room you can tell it is very small. the walls join together seamlessly, and there arent any cracks or holes.\n\nin one corner is a wastebin and a hard metal chair. the bin appears empty.\n\ntheres a very nice plush carpet under your feet. depsite your fear you still cant help but enjoy it. it reminds you of home...wherever that was.\n\n*[[check door]]
with a deep breath you turn left into the hall, following the light. as you get closer you realize its a window. you step into what looks like some sort of lounge area, complete with soft chairs and a large window overlooking some trees and a lake. didnt the lock say you were in a facility? why were you in the middle of the forest?\n\nthe lounge has two ways out, not counting the way you came in: a stairway going down to your right and another very dark hall leading left.\n\nwhich way will you go?\n\n*[[left|keep going]]\n*[[right]]
the door is made of heavy metal. the doorknob is cold and you can almost imagine your hand getting frozen to it. no amount of pushing or pulling makes it budge at all.\n\nto the right of the door is a small pad covered in buttons and an area covered in soft material. its splattered with dark stains. there are several bulbs along the front but theyre not alight.\n\n*[[inspect pad]]
you pause for a moment, debating on what to do. the creature lumbers toward you, a low, burbling growl coming from its lipless mouth. it almost seems like its in pain.\n\n//duh, look at all the wounds! youd be in pain...if...//\n\nin horror you glance down at your scarred arms. they nearly mirror the gashes on the forearms of the creature.\n\n//if that thing was human...then...i...//\n\nwith a yell you dash at it, aiming your shoulder like a football player. you never were very athletic but you hope the adrenaline flooding your system will help.\n\nyour shoulder makes contact with its hollow chest and it slams against the fence.\n\nit slams //through// the fence.\n\nits brittle, rotted body falls apart from the contact. watching the gore splatter on the ground, you notice its...still moving...\n\nbefore you unlatch the gate you duck into some bushes and vomit.\n\n*[[open the gate]]
the hall keeps going for what seems like forever. you stumble in the dark, your heart beating furiously against your ribs. you can almost feel a monster breathing down your neck...\n\nthe walls creak menacingly. you can hear wind blowing and creaking the building. the roof sounds dangerously close to caving in again. in a burst of panic you dart forward and smash your face into a door.\n\nrubbing your now bleeding nose, you take a step back. the door is ordinary and wooden. the knob is made of bronze and perfectly round.\n\n*[[open the door]]
in the gloom you can barely make out what the substance is but after brushing your fingers against a rough scab you realize its blood. your arms are coated in blood, your left arm a little more wounded. what happened? why are your arms covered in cuts? where are you?\n\n*[[investigate room]]\n*[[check door]]
you look around for another path out of here and find a small trail leading through a thick patch of bushes and trees. excitedly you walk through them, branches and thorns clawing at your exposed skin like tiny needy hands.\n\nyou reach the fence and are relieved to see a hole large enough for you to crawl out of. youre free!\n\nyou kneel down and sqeeze through. its a tight fit but you manage to make it.\n\nand you find yourself right above a deep canyon.\n\na clod of dirt underneath your palm crumbles away and you slip, terror grabbing at your brain. you scrabble for another handhold but your head crashes against a large rock and you instantly pass out.\n\nyou dont manage to make it to the river below alive.\n\n''YOU ARE DEAD''
you carefully step through the door, hearing a very loud creak behind you. youre afraid something is going to leap out of the gloom and devour you. you take small steps, keeping one hand on the wall to guide your way.\n\nthen you see a light to your left.\n\nthe hall continues ahead but the light is very inviting...\n\n*[[follow the light]]\n*[[continue down the hall]]\n*[[go back into the room]]
the door is made of heavy metal. the doorknob is cold and you can almost imagine your hand getting frozen to it. no amount of pushing or pulling makes it budge at all.\n\nto the right of the door is a small pad covered in buttons and an area covered in soft material. its splattered with dark stains. there are several bulbs along the front but theyre not alight.\n\n*[[inspect pad|inspect pad 2]]
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youre about to press every button on the pad before you realize that would probably be a bad idea. the buttons are arranged in two neat rows of five, but you have no idea which order to push the buttons in. you decide to investigate the device for an answer. ducking under it you notice some paper and adhesive - someone had torn off a label. maybe the label had the order of the buttons.\n\n*[[investigate room|investigate room 2]]
you get an urge to see if there was anything you missed in the room you were just in. //probably not...// you think, but it couldnt hurt to check. as you step through the door you hear another loud creak.\n\nyou head towards the wastebin again when suddenly the floor gives out from under you, too quickly for you to react. you plummet through the floor and land on a pile of jagged wood and plaster. several of the broken beams pierce you, adding more blood to your arms and clothes.\n\nyou struggle but this only digs the beams in deeper. you begin to cry, feeling warm blood stain your clothes and drip down your legs. blackness begins to pad your brain.\n\nwho knew you would die like this. would anyone even find your body?\n\n''YOU ARE DEAD''
trembling, you pick off the hard covering of the smallest cut. bright red blood begins to bead along the edge. the air stings the reopened wound and you wince. how did your arms get this torn up in the first place?\n\nyou wipe your blood on the pad, feeling the fabric cling to the wet flesh. theres a long, long anxious moment, and then the door clicks open. the machine powers off.\n\ngently you open the door. the hallway is just as dark.\n\n*[[walk into hall]]